Piaget Institute of Viseu promotes webinar on physical exercise and health

This Thursday, June 25, the Piaget Institute of Viseu promotes a webinar on “Physical Exercise and Health”. At the event, which takes place from 2 pm, a panel of experts will analyze the importance of physical exercise for a balanced and healthy life.

Available data have shown that the practice of physical exercise in Portugal is still below European statistics. The pandemic period caused by Covid-19 led to a decrease in the physical activity of the Portuguese compared to data presented by the national health survey 2014, which indicated that 60% of men and 70% of women did not practice physical exercise.

With this webinar, the organizers intend to contribute to increasing the quality of services provided in this area and, consequently, to increase the practice of physical exercise. At the same time, it is intended to increase health literacy on the benefits of structured physical exercise and supervised by qualified professionals.

The program of the event is divided into three parts, each with an estimated duration of half an hour: physical fitness and health – implications for physical exercise; physical exercise and health – adaptations to training; and physical exercise in specific populations.

The panel of participants is composed of four guests: Filipe Ferreira, nutrition specialist, president of the Youth Association of Karate in Portugal, and creator of the SenseiSpirit Channel for the dissemination of martial arts values; Pedro Veloso, karate trainer and technical manager for four karate clubs; Carolina Vila Chã, adjunct professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda, in the area of ​​Physical Activity and Welfare, and effective member of the Center for Research in Sport, Health and Human Development (CIDESD); and Carlos Tavares, physiotherapist, adjunct professor at the Piaget Institute of Viseu and technical manager of FisioCoimbra. Moderation will be in charge of Professor Sandra Gagulic.

Access to the webinar is free, upon registration through the Piaget Institute website.

Aware of the growing importance of training in this area for the collective health of the Portuguese population, the Piaget Institute of Viseu already includes in its formative offer a CTeSP (Professional Higher Technical Course) of Physical Exercise and Health.

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