Piaget Institute opens Psychology Clinic

The new unit is installed on the Almada campus and the Piaget Institute guarantees the technical and academic competence of its professionals

In time to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, The Institute opened the Piaget Clinic in Almada to the public, a new psychology clinic installed on the campus of the Piaget Institute.

The unit provides consultations on Clinical Psychology and Psychological Assessment. In this initial phase, and taking into account the public circulation limitations imposed by the current state of emergency in which the country is in, all consultations are made by telephone or video call.

The clinic aims to serve not only the local population but is available to meet the consultation needs of any citizen. The Piaget Institute, responsible for investing and providing the technical and human resources necessary for its operation, guarantees the high technical and academic competence of the professionals who provide the service.

The Piaget Institute has always chosen to serve communities where it is integrated as one of the strategic axes of its development and one of its reasons for existing. The opening of the clinic in a difficult phase for all Portuguese people is yet another way to achieve this goal, with concrete and immediate benefits for the well-being of our community ”, emphasizes Clementina Nogueira, President of the Piaget Institute of Almada Campus.

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