Piaget Institute organizes three webinars focused on different topics of the educational universe

With the new academic year also starting in higher education, the Piaget Institute promotes this week three webinars in the area of ​​education.

In a year that is also expected to be complex, taking into account the demands generated by the current pandemic of Covid-19, Piaget proposes three debates on topical topics: b-learning education (semi-presential), teaching in higher education, and school management and administration.

The first webinar, with the theme “B-Learning Education: Opportunities and Challenges”, will take place this Monday, starting at 6 pm. Considering the current circumstances, students are increasingly challenged to raise their levels of participation and commitment, while teachers take an active role in supporting and motivating their students.

Hence, in the debate on this semi-presential course format, the objective is to discuss both the perspective of the teachers, but also that of the students who have been experiencing the experiences of their courses as the main actors.

The Piaget Institute currently has a wide distance training offer, both in e-learning and b-learning regimes, including the Master’s in Education, whose coordinator, Alda Bernardes, will be one of the participants in the webinar.

On Tuesday, the 29th, at 7:30 pm, the theme will be “Teaching in Higher Education – Learning Methodologies”. In debate will be the new teaching-learning paradigm, in a world in profound change, which forces us to reconsider the multidimensionality of professional action in higher education.

The professional knowledge, necessary for the exercise of teaching, today transcends the domains of the specific contents of its scientific area of ​​specialty, to also encompass the construction of didactic-pedagogical knowledge associated with its base field, as well as the production of knowledge through research. , including ethical and deontological issues.

As a virtual round table, Rosa Nogueira, coordinator of the postgraduate course in Teaching in Higher Education, taught at the Piaget Institute of Almada in an e-learning regime, will explain, along with the other participants in the webinar, the principles that guide currently teaching pedagogies, establishing at the same time the confrontation with individual practices.

Finally, on Wednesday, the 30th, starting at 7:30 pm, the topic under discussion will be “School Management and Administration in the Face of Current Challenges”. This virtual meeting aims to bring up to date themes and their direct impact on the management and administration of school institutions, experienced in a concrete way by managers, directors, administrators and even members of the board of directors or management. It will be a session open to public interaction, through an active exchange of experiences and knowledge.

At the event, the dynamics of the postgraduate course in Management and School Administration, taught at Piaget de Almada, will also be presented, through the voice of its coordinator and a teacher of this course.

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