Piaget Institute reopens clinic on Viseu Campus

Specialized in the areas of Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Psychology, Clínica Piaget de Viseu returns to its appointments from Monday to Friday.

The Piaget Institute reopens this Friday, April 24, the clinic installed on its university campus in Viseu, whose operation had been interrupted by the worsening of the health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Piaget Clinic in Viseu resumes consultations in Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Psychology.

At this stage, and due to the limitations of public circulation imposed by the state of emergency in force, all consultations are made by telephone or video call. For a later time, the return to face-to-face consultations is reserved.

Inaugurated in May 2019, the unit was created with the objective of providing services to the community in the fields of Health and Social and Human Sciences, based on academic resources, technical means and professionals existing on the Piaget Institute of Viseu campus. The clinic is prepared, however, to serve both the local population of the Viseense district and any other user who wishes to use its services.

“During its more than 40 years of existence, the Piaget Institute has always been characterized, in addition to its academic vocation, by its close connection to the communities in which it operates, which it intends to serve and support in accordance with the humanistic values ​​that are part of the your DNA, ”says Paulo Alves, president of the Piaget Institute of Viseu campus.

The same official adds: “We are an open, dynamic and attentive institution to the reality of the country, so the immediate reopening of Clínica de Viseu, within its areas of expertise, will surely bring immediate benefits to the well-being of our populations”.

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