Piaget launches two new degrees on the Campus de Gaia

The Piaget Institute is going to launch two new degrees, in Sport and Basic Education, in the school year 2021/2022, to teach at its Vila Nova de Gaia Campus.

The two courses are integrated in the Jean Piaget School of Sport and Education in Vila Nova de Gaia, a new organic unit of the Polytechnic Institute Jean Piaget do Norte, recently approved by government decree-law.

This new organic unit benefits from the know-how accumulated by the Piaget Institute, which over more than 40 years has developed its own training matrix at the service of education. Among the distinguishing marks – in addition to scientific rigor and the quality of the teaching staff – stand out the action of permanent proximity between the teaching and non-teaching community and the students, as well as the remarkable presence of the Institute in the territories where it is located.

Applications for the two degrees opened this week, both for students from the 12th year (institutional competition) and for those who apply through the special competition for access to persons over 23 or special competitions for holders of a professional or artistic. Everyone who signs up for the first phase is guaranteed a 5% discount on the tuition fee.

The two degrees that enrich the current training offer of the Piaget Institute in the North Zone continue the tradition of training professionals in the field of education (in which Piaget has already trained more than 25,000 kindergarten teachers and teachers in Portugal) and sports.

For Paula Rodrigues, professor at the Vila Nova de Gaia Campus, “the considerable increase in employment in sport, according to data from the European Union’s Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, consolidates the importance of training of graduates in this area has to respond to the challenges of the future”.

Paula Rodrigues adds that “the 1st cycle of studies in Sports, enabling specialization in two professional variants, Exercise and Health or Sports Training, aims to train professionals with academic, scientific, pedagogical-didactic and methodological skills, capable of responding rigorously to the needs of the sports system and to meet the growing demands, challenges and expectations of the labor market”.

In turn, Alcina Figueiroa, coordinator of the new degree in Basic Education, highlights the high importance that the area of ​​education has assumed in recent decades, in contrast to the fact that the active teaching staff is aging, with 41% of teachers in the public school to being 50 and over. And concludes: “This degree meets the requirements to be a reference in the training of professionals in the field of Education, providing students with advanced training in their fundamental areas and perceiving itself as an undeniable asset in the progressive development of professions and in the demands of the market in job”.

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