Piaget organizes international congress on health and well-being

The 2nd International Congress on Intervention in Health and Wellness, to be held on the 28th and 29th of May, opens with a plenary session dedicated to the theme of humor as a health promoter.

Aimed at professionals, teachers, students and researchers in the field of health and wellness sciences, the event has gained a strong online component this year due to the current pandemic context.

Subordinated to the general theme “Health and well-being in the life cycle”, the congress is organized by the RECI research center (Research in Education and Community Intervention) and by the Jean Piaget de Viseu School of Health. The school is part of the Piaget Institute universe, which also has university centers in Silves, Almada and Vila Nova de Gaia.

With a program full of panels, round tables and presentations, the scientific event aims to contribute to the discussion of current and emerging issues related to the health and well-being of the population. It counts on the participation of researchers and professionals from different areas of training and performance, including education, sports, environment and communication, in addition to health. In addition to Portugal, speakers from Spain, Brazil, Cape Verde and Angola will be represented.

Simultaneously with the congress, the 1st International Conference on Human Kinesiology will also take place, the science that studies the movements of the human body. The conference is organized by KinesioLab, a Portuguese research unit in human movement that is also dedicated to teaching, providing specialized technical services and transferring knowledge in the field of sport, be it high performance or sports clinics.

Professor Gustavo Desouzart, president of the Congress organizing committee, highlights the inclusion of the human kinesiology conference in the congress, which will generate a greater dynamic of interventions in the event. “The program is comprehensive in terms of themes, actors and areas,” says the official, who adds that more than 200 scientific papers have been submitted for presentation.

Of the various panels for discussion and communications planned, the highlights are “Child health and well-being – Growth and development”; “Adult health and well-being – From the individual to the complexity”; “Health and well-being of the elderly – Present and future perspectives”; “Humor as a health promoter”; “Social communication: When health and well-being become news”; and “Health and well-being in Portuguese – the diversity of realities”.

The first edition of the International Congress on Intervention in Health and Wellness took place in the spring of 2019, with the number of participants exceeding expectations, with more than 300 people from Europe and from various geographies of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries. Last year, the pandemic forced the cancellation of the event that now resumes its annual cycle in 2021.

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