Picas publishes “Promises”

A month after presenting, Última Vez, Picas makes Promises available on all digital platforms. This is the final chapter of the trilogy that tells a love story.

“The song Promisas talks about not being able to get out of a relationship, despite knowing it is the best for us. There is a certain dependence and a physical memory that always takes us to the same place: “My body still asks for yours.”

The loss of love is like a period of abstinence and lack in which we also lose a part of ourselves. Sometimes it can take longer than we would like. When we see relationships from the outside it is very easy to understand when things are not right, but when we are inside the story it is more difficult to distinguish black from white.”

The song, which is “the most vulnerable in the trilogy” has lyrics and music by Picas, and features a guitar melody and acoustic voice, “elevated by the arrangement of strings and electronic elements”, according to her. The pop ballad “culminates with a repetition of the key phrase of this story, “My body still asks for yours”, to close this cycle.

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