Pichardo é vice-campeão do mundo

Mundiais de pista coberta

The Portuguese athlete Pedro Pablo Pichardo, was second in the triple jump of the indoor track world championships, in Belgrade, with the mark of 17.46 meters.

Pedro Pablo Pichardo, Olympic champion, won the 14th medal for Portugal in ‘indoor’ World Cups, in a competition where he also broke the national record twice first with the mark of 17.42 m. and then with 17.46 meters.

The winner was the Cuban Lázaro Martínez, with 17.64, which is also the best mark of the year, the third position went to the North American Donald Scott, with 17.21 meters.

Tiago Luís Pereira, another Portuguese in the competition, ended the triple jump contest in the ninth position with a mark of 16.46.

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