Pierre Aderne, Paulo Praça and Dirk Niepoort release “Tesouro”

Pierre Aderne and Paulo Praça composed a hymn in honor of the city of Porto.

Dirk Niepoort joined the duo and harmonized the music with a Tawny Port. Thus was born the treasure which is a song in a bottle of wine and will be released today, May 24th, at the concert on Rua Das Pretas at Coliseu Porto Ageas.

This song, recorded live at Coliseu Porto Ageas in 2022, where Pierre Aderne and Paulo Praça sang it for the first time, was composed and inspired in the magical Niepoort cellars, the night before recording.

Dirk and Pierre, longtime friends and partners, had the idea of expanding the formats for tasting and listening to this song, creating a printed QR code on the label of this Tawny, where you can access, listen and watch the video of the song, while the treasure of Porto is also honored on the palate. Treasure, the song, will also be available on all digital platforms from the 24th of May.

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