Pierre Aderne welcomes Moacyr Luz

Coliseu dos Recreios

Next Sunday’s concert, May 8th, will be the meeting between Rua das Pretas and Samba do Trabalhador, two important movements of contemporary music in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro.

Pierre Aderne and Moacyr Luz will show first-hand the songs from the album they are building together next Sunday, May 8, at 9 pm, at Coliseu dos Recreios. The album records unprecedented partnerships between the creators of the most important movements in contemporary music in Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon – Samba do Trabalhador and Rua das Pretas – composed remotely between Copacabana and Alfama. Tickets are now on sale.

Moacyr Luz and Pierre Aderne are collectors of artists and people with their acclaimed projects Samba do Trabalhador and Rua das Pretas. This encounter was an ancient will of fate.

Master Ian Guest, who left us last month, used to say: ‘the child knows because he doesn’t know that he doesn’t know. When I think about composing with Moa, I make music without thinking, out of pure intuition, as children do without knowing it. Our songs are portraits of a family album still in gestation”, comments Pierre Aderne about the partnership with Moacyr Luz.

The Tagus invented a pier so I could meet my partner Pierre Aderne, a Brazilian from Copacabana, but with his back studded with local clams. The conversation stretched across the Atlantic, the radars in perfect sync, which I treat as predestination. We composed ten songs between Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon, and we exchanged a thousand questions until this album blossomed, which we started recording at the classic Namouche studio this week”, says Moacyr Luz.

Coliseu dos Recreios, in addition to debuting unreleased songs from the new album by Pierre Aderne and Moacyr Luz, such as “Prado Júnior” and “Carta Aberta à Lisboa”, will also hear hits composed by Luz for other artists, such as Medalha de São Jorge“, edited by Maria Bethânia; ”Cabô, meu pai”, by Beth Carvalho; and “Vida Da Minha Vida”, by Zeca Pagodinho, in addition to others composed by Aderne, such as “Guia” and “Mina do Condomínio”, respectively for António Zambujo and Seu Jorge.

On the same night, Pedro Luís, founder of Monobloco, one of the biggest carnival blocks in the country, will also take the stage – alongside, as always, the resident artists of Rua das Pretas.

The show will be the penultimate episode of the series, which is being filmed and should debut on RTP1 in May.

About Moacyr Luz:

Moacyr Luz is one of the biggest names in contemporary samba, creator of the iconic Samba do Trabalhador, partner of Aldir Blanc, recorded by great artists of Brazilian music such as: Zeca Pagodinho, Beth Carvalho, Maria Bethânia, Martinho da Vila and Fafá de Belém, among others, in addition to being the author of the 2022 Mangueira samba, recorded as a duet with Chico Buarque.

About Pierre Aderne:

Pierre Aderne, founder of Rua das Pretas, has been promoting the approximation and fusion of Brazilian music with Portuguese music and Lusophone Africa for 12 years. He made duets and composed for artists such as Seu Jorge, António Zambujo, Tito Paris, Jorge Palma, Sara Tavares, Cuca Roseta, Gisela João, Flavio Venturini and Wagner Tiso, among many others.

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