pikika takes us to “” in this second release of 2024

Produced by FRANKIEONTHEGUITAR, the singer-songwriter’s second single follows “Teima”.

In “Teima” we feel, simultaneously, nerve and balance, and this contrast is now deepened in “”. In the second single from her new publishing house, pikika dives even deeper into her introspective side and, at the same time, makes room for the rhythm that runs through her artistic vein. Because, in your case, there is colour between black and white, and light in the grey areas.

After working with Charlie Beats on his presentation single, it is with FRANKIEONTHEGUITAR that he now shares new outbursts behind the rhythm set by the Portuguese guitarist and producer. And if the tone suggests seduction, the words take us in the opposite direction: the introspective register is maintained as if the verses he sings to us were secrets, but the guitar that underlies the instrumental bed imposes lightness in a longing for a possible future yet to be fulfilled.

In the words of the author herself, it is with our eyes set on “a place we imagine when we want to run away with someone special” that takes us on a “journey to that place so distant but so present in the minds of the most dreamy”. The naturalistic scenarios captured by Tommy Loureiro and João Serrano in the making of the “” video give color to this idyllic vision — also in the image of what has been his artistic emancipation: in time, it has revealed itself in various forms with which his music unfolds, also opening up to us a sea of possibilities of where to go. We can only follow its current, wherever it takes us.
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