Pinhais opens Living Museum “Conservas Pinhais Factory Tour” in October

In a building that maintains its architectural design and which, in 2020, was classified as a building of Municipal Interest, Pinhais launches the “Conservas Pinhais Factory Tour”, a pioneer Living Museum of the canning industry, which combines its historic factory with its own strategic brands PINHAIS and NURI.

This is a unique project in the panorama of national and international tourism, which has an investment of 3 Million Euros (M€), and will provide an immersive experience in all phases of the live process.

Designed to promote the local community and tourism, the Pinhais project, a canning company that last year celebrated its centenary, aims to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the Matosinhos canning industry and is scheduled to open in October.

Located on Avenida Menéres, the project has had an institutional partnership with the Municipality of Matosinhos since its inception.

Endowed with a differentiating historical-cultural legacy in various aspects, architectural, procedural and product, the installation of a Living Museum at the Pinhais factory fits into its objectives, values ​​and mission, thus allowing to safeguard and enhance the memory of the canning industry to all visitors, who are increasingly looking for true experiences that activate the five senses and are unique.

Target of the interventions necessary for the requalification and adaptation, the centenary infrastructure of the Matosinhos canning plant will thus house the museum, whose work is handed over to Norasil, a local company from Matosinhos.

The objective of this project is to promote the uniqueness of the experience of Conserveira Pinhais, through distinctive aspects such as the maintenance of the artisanal method and the centenary building, unique characteristics that give it a historical character, also inseparable from the space in which they are located.

It is in this sense that the “Conservas Pinhais Factory Tour” is aimed at, in other words, perpetuating a legacy and making known the material and intangible heritage of Pinhais and its brands, from the oldest to the most notorious.

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