Pink Martini and Three in the Morning at the Festival Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley

The Festival Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley
Summer nights, in the Gardens of the Marquês, in Oeiras


First part


The Festival Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley is back for another series of unforgettable nights, with a careful and high-quality lineup. After the confirmations of Maria Bethânia and Joss Stone, there is one more name to add quality to this luxury lineup: the Pink Martini. The band embodies the spirit of eclecticism and elegance that is a hallmark of the festival. The Pink Martini concert will have a first part at Three in the Morning of the Renascença – After hours at the Jardins do Marquês! Ana Galvão, Joana Marques and Inês Lopes Gonçalves bring radio success to the festival stage, in an unmissable show.


Pink Martini is certainly an example of eclecticism at the service of the best music. The Portland ensemble, formed by eight members, offers a mixture of jazz, pop, world music, and classical music, with influences ranging from names like Edith Piaf or Cole Porter to the great masters of Latin music. Thomas Lauderdale teamed up with songwriter and singer China Forbes shortly after he had the idea for Pink Martini, and they soon began making music together. The first great success came with “Sympathique”, published in 1997. The theme was a success in France and is still remembered today, more than twenty years later, mainly in workers’ demands, where it became an anthem thanks to verses like “Je ne veux pas travailler”. oui!”, released in 2016, features the voices of China Forbes, Storm Large, Ari Shapiro, seedling guru Ikram Goldman, civil rights activist Kathleen Saadat, and Rufus Wainwright. This record is sung in several languages, as is common in Pink Martini’s works, and, in this case, also in Portuguese, thanks to the interpretation of the theme “Solidão” by Amália Rodrigues. The diversity of voices and languages affirms the inclusive, collaborative, and universal character of the group. In 2019 Pink Martini collaborated with Meow Meow on “Hotel Amour” and edited the EP “Besame Mucho”, with the guest voices of Edna Vazquez, Tomorrow, or Jimmie Herrod. The band doesn’t stop and during the pandemic period they edited two singles written by Thomas Lauderdale, China Forbes, and producer Jim Bianco: “Let’s Be Friends” and “The Lemonade Song” have been played more than eight million times on Spotify since then. of the pandemic, Pink Martini also returned to concerts around the world, offering the public an unforgettable experience, such as the one that will be lived on July 2, in the next edition of the Festival Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley.


The Três da Manhã da Renascença get together after hours and make their debut at a summer festival. If Coldplay can why can’t they? Ana Galvão, Inês Lopes Gonçalves, and Joana Marques go from Renaissance mornings to the stage at Jardins do Marquês for a unique show (insofar as they will never be invited to something like this again) and promise two things: that it will be fun and that Ana Galvão is not going to sing… Don’t miss this moment on the 2nd of July, in the next edition of the Festival Jardins do Marquês – Oeiras Valley.

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