Pink Palace is the seventh WOW museum

WOW, the cultural quarter of Gaia, will open the seventh museum, this time in honor of rosé wine. The experience is called Pink Palace and opens to the public on Saturday, July 24th, at 10am. It is a relaxed and very fun experience, where you get to know the history and science behind the production of rosé wine, but also the culture and lifestyle that this wine symbolizes.

Pink Palace is the most eccentric of all WOW venues. It has several scenarios that ask to be photographed and invite interaction. In addition, throughout the experience, five drinks will be served: Quinta do Vale do Bragão Rosé, AIX Gran Vin de Provence Rosé, Mateus Rosé, Vértice Rosé Bruto and Croft Pink Rosé Port.

“It’s a different concept from what we’ve already presented at WOW. It is made thinking of the new generations, of the holidays we all dream of and the desire that the happiness we feel on our holidays will never end – this is the feeling that is spoken of in this experience and that materializes in a glass of rosé wine drunk in good company”, explains Adrian Bridge, CEO of WOW.

Throughout eleven rooms, the visitor is led to realize that the rosés are made from grapes grown in different regions and climates around the world and using a series of winemaking techniques. In other words, there is a real diversity of wine under this “pink cloak”. Thus, the trip crosses Portugal, but also Provence and ends, unexpectedly, in a saloon. To embark on this expedition you need a sense of humour, relaxation, an instinct for discovery and, of course, a battery in your cell phone.

In addition to the new museum, there are more openings: the Pip restaurant, the Maze cafe and a large shopping area, where the following brands will be available: DOP – Designers of Portugal (national fashion designers); Homme Aspect (men’s clothing); Namorarte (footwear); Marita Moreno (footwear and accessories); The Captain (clothing); Filipe Fonseca Jewelery (author jewelery) and Nasamotor (automobile industry).

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