Piquenique Dançante Sobre a Relva returns to Porto – Palácio de Cristal Gardens

The seventh edition of the Piquenique Dançante Sobre a Relva (“Dancing Picnic on the Grass”) that takes place this weekend, August 6th and 7th, will move to the Palácio de Cristal Gardens.

With a poster where diversity makes the party, this August of our heart, we have the feminine power of Ágata and Joana Espadinha, the warm sounds of DJ Marfox, and the artist “…Formerly known as La Flama Blanca”, the naughty bets on the mythical Claiana and in the sizzling Fantasia Rally and the collective animation institution Colectivo dos Senhores de Mimios aged.

With a symbolic entrance, allowing the public to bring their own basket and picnic blanket, this event is now in its seventh edition, always ensuring that it is not a festival but a meeting of old, current, and future friends, crossing generations where all are welcome.

“Sábado de Festa” and “Domingo de Paixão”, on a weekend between the lull of the Douro and the blue summer sky, with a poster from one of those cassettes made with love – playlists made with desire – and that stays in our memory even after the tape/streaming wears out.

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