Piruka confirmed at Sumol Summer Fest

Hip hop, also sung in Portuguese, remains one of the Festival’s biggest bets that marks the beginning of the summer vacation. Piruka, one of the main representatives of the genre, who in 2018 gave one of the most memorable concerts of the Festival, will be present at this year’s edition of Sumol Summer Fest – on July 3, on the Sumol Stage, for a concert where the most high expectations.


From Madorna to the World, André Silva dressed up as Piruka to become a national hip hop reference. As he never hid, Piruka was born in a cradle of gold, but the vicissitudes of life made him know and live a more crude and harsh reality. It can be said that, over time, the gold became a can and the boy from Madorna transformed that can into a very shiny platinum. “The Portuguese that is worth millions”, as one day he wrote about it, changed the panorama of Portuguese music with the edition of the album “AClara”. And since then it has reached absolutely impressive numbers. We are talking about an artist who has more than 220 million views / streams in all virtual platforms. Songs like “Crazy”, “If I Don’t Wake Up Tomorrow”, “High Heels”, “Nothing Happens”, “My Children”, “Prova dos 9”, “Impossíveis”, among so many others, appear as authentic hymns in the mouth of your fans. Piruka has received countless invitations and his name has already reached beyond borders, having been invited to participate in several projects out of doors, namely in Brazil. Despite the success so far, Piruka never settles, and appears in 2020 more committed than ever: the goal is to continue to break records, but, above all, to commit even more to his faithful followers. Right now, the rapper is working on his second album of originals. The saga of success continues and themes like “Louco” (feat. Bluay with production Rusty), “Impossíveis” (with production by Tom Enzy) and “até Já” (with production by Lazuli), all of them with millions of views on YouTube , whet your appetite for that new record. There is no lack of reasons to want to be in the front row of the Piruka concert, on July 3, at the Sumol Stage of the Sumol Summer Fest.

Already confirmed:

 July 3rd

Sumol Stage – Burna Boy, Piruka, Julinho KSD

4th of July

Sumol Stage – Trippie Redd, Nenny

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