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Pitões da Júnias celebrates Entrudo with a photography contest

Pitões das Júnias Parish launches the photography contest “Caretos e Farrapões à Moda de Pitões” to celebrate the Entrudo

In Portuguese ceremonies the Entrudo is one of the most important festive cycles of the year. Currently, the Entrudo has its own characteristics in traditional rural areas such as Pitões das Júnias. This year 2021, due to the pandemic, the Entrudo of Pitões das Júnias adapts and goes online through the photography contest “Caretos e Farrapões à Moda de Pitões”.

This contest aims to promote and celebrate the Pitões das Júnias Entrudo in the only possible way in view of the current situation, and to disseminate, promote and create a digital memory of the protagonists of this traditional Entrudo – the Caretos and Farrapões.

Anyone interested can participate in this contest, just go to the Pitões das Júnias website, fill out the registration form and read the regulations. The first place in the competition will receive a one night stay in Pitões das Júnias and a copy of the ethnographic monograph worth 80 euros. The person in second place will be awarded with a lunch for two at a local restaurant and a copy of the ethnographic monograph worth 50 euros. The third classified will receive a copy of the ethnographic monograph with a value of 20 euros.

The Jury will be made up of representatives from the Junta de Freguesia, APDP – Association for the Development of Pitões das Júnias, the person in charge of communication and marketing design in the Pitões das Júnias Parish and, finally, by a participant from the Pitões das Júnias that participate annually.




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