“PLACELESS” – an “up in the air” exhibit

The exhibition, by Italian artist Elena Valsecchi, can be visited until June 27 at the top floor of the huge rotating machine, placed at Ler Devagar bookstore’s heart, at LX Factory

Imagine walking through a placeless place, suspended in the air, with windows facing inexistent worlds: this is the intention of “PLACELESS” exhibit by local, Italian born artist Elena Valsecchi.

“I chose the English word “placeless” as a title for the exhibition because it very succinctly expresses a concept of denial of place, suggesting in a particularly effective way the universe, or rather “non-universe” portrayed by these paintings.

The art exhibition opened last June 6 with a concert by French musician Laurent Geoffroy, and will be on show until June 27.

The paintings on show, portraying “placeless places”, will inhabit the third and last floor of the huge rotating machine’s structure around which Livraria Ler Devagar was built 10 years ago in LX Factory: a not so known space, by which the artist got fascinated to the point of choosing it for her new exhibit, for its affinity with this paintings series.

“I like the unusual idea of having paintings hanging in the air, at the top of the bookstore, and watching them oscillating with the structure movements. The idea of applying fabric to the paintings supports came to increase this feeling of suspension in the void, which to me makes perfect sense for this series of “placeless” paintings” says the artist.

The exhibition space was renamed “Manchas de Tinta” (“Ink spots”) by its coordinator, Fernando Lopes Neto, who was also the inventor of the peculiar suspension system for this “gallery without walls”.

The artist thus describes the exhibition:
“Images of shadows, reflections, puppets, collected over the years without a conscious reason, in physical sites that refer to other realities and times, gave rise to a pictorial and spatial reflection within the broad theme of the double and, more specifically, in its most ancestral, folkloric and magical aspects. From the Latin word alter, other, a projection that, by questioning our perception of reality, leads us to glimpse other dimensions, in which the questions of “place” and “time” become confused and can only be defined by its negations.
“Placeless” is also the space chosen for the exhibition: a structure raised above another physical place, no longer bookstore, nor gallery, nor place, and at the same time part and whole of all these dimensions. Paintings are suspended in the void, thus enhancing the desired sense of indeterminacy.”

Elena Valsecchi, Italian born artist, currently living in Portugal, had and has an eclectic artistic education that includes, among others, individual courses and tutorials with various artists in Italy, Portugal and Argentina, by continuous research and individual studies, by a short passage through Ar.Co – School of Visual Arts in Lisbon and by courses and tutorials in MArt – Learning and Artistic Experimentation Space, in Lisbon.

She has participated in several individual and collective exhibitions and art residencies in Portugal and abroad.

The series “PLACELESS” by Elena Valsecchi will be exhibited in the “Manchas de Tinta” space at Livraria Ler Devagar, LX Factory, in Lisbon from June 6 to 27.


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