Planos para a semana do amor?

  • To celebrate Valentine’s Day week, EastBanc and EmbaiXada present suggestions for enjoying good times with your other half.
  • These points of interest are ideal for a day well spent for two, in one of the most iconic and charismatic neighbourhoods in the city of Lisbon.
  • From shops, leisure spots, restaurants and even an “out of the box” Fado concert, these are some suggestions to enjoy in the best company.

Named by many as the most romantic day of the year, today is Valentine’s Day, the perfect opportunity to impress your loved one and create incredible memories.

Taking advantage of the easing of the pandemic control measures, EastBanc and EmbaiXada suggest an international, but every neighbourhood itinerary, designed for this week of love, through the iconic neighbourhood of Príncipe Real. Prepare your passport and follow our suggestions!

Starting the day in the best way…

#1_Oliveira Kiosk

Start the day full of energy with a coffee at the most classic kiosk in the neighbourhood! If you want to enjoy it a little more, take a seat on the terrace with a privileged view of the Príncipe Real Garden. Better than the much-acclaimed lemonade, just the friendliness with which all customers are always welcomed in this very authentic place.

With spring just around the corner…

#2_Jardim do Príncipe Real or Botanical Garden

And because the beginning of spring is starting to make itself felt, outdoor walks take on another flavour. Right in the heart of Príncipe Real, we find a green spot of nature, the famous Jardim do Príncipe Real. Take a stroll and discover the monumental “Cedro-do-Buçaco”, the tree with more than a century (and twenty meters in diameter!) that marks this garden and offers excellent shade on warmer days.

Then, pass by the Botanical Garden and let yourself be carried away by more than 4 hectares and 1500 species from the 4 corners of the world. An immersion of “nature in the city”, to enjoy as a couple.

Belly giving hours…

#3_Tapisco or Zero Zero

After a walk, it’s time to stop for lunch, and there’s no shortage of good options in this neighbourhood. If you are in doubt between tapas on one side of the border and snacks on the other, at Tapisco no one is forced to make that difficult choice. And they even try the classic Vermouths!

If you prefer a sunny terrace with an incredible view of the Botanical Garden, then Pizzeria ZeroZero is the ideal place for you. A trip to Italy, without leaving Lisbon. The restaurant’s outdoor space reminds us of the beautiful Italian terraces, in a cosy and scented garden right in the centre of the Príncipe Real district. All products come from the best Italian producers, being the ideal place for a relaxing and appetizing meal. Remember to call ahead to reserve your spot.

Surprise your better half…


From the North to the South of Portugal, surprise your loved one with a gift at the coolest conceptual gallery in the Príncipe Real neighbourhood – EmbaiXada. From fashion, design, fashion, culture and gastronomy items, it is possible to find the best that is made in the national territory. The building itself speaks for itself, with a beauty that leaves no one indifferent, as it is a 19th-century mansion. In addition, it has many options to offer a special gift to your loved one. Here are some suggestions:

And because flowers are the cliché of Valentine’s Day, it can’t be missed at EmbaiXada’s most recent opening, Catarina Sampaio Soares. From dried flowers to fresh flowers, the arrangement possibilities are endless and unique!

Fado is an unusual and immersive experience…

#5_Real Fado

The experience promises to be immersive, as we talk about performances in surprising locations such as a 19th-century mansion and an underground stone cistern, right in the heart of the Príncipe Real garden. These unusual locations contrast the authenticity of the concerts with performances by artists in an informal register and very close to the public. Make a note of it in your diary and make this pre-dinner concert program, as the schedule points to 19:00.

Comfort the stomach, since the day is going to be long…


After a day full of activities, it’s time to tuck your stomach in. Sumaya, with its various rooms, is a cosy restaurant for a romantic dinner. If you have few opportunities to go to a Lebanese restaurant, this is the perfect opportunity. Surprise your “more than anything” with the involvement of Middle Eastern spices.

Under the moonlight, it’s time to toast to love!

#7_ Chinese Pavilion

And with a day filled with the nooks and crannies of Príncipe Real, we travelled from Lisbon to Italy, passing through the Middle East and in this space we won a direct passport to the land of the spring flower – the peony. Dare to have a cocktail at the Chinese Pavilion, ring the red doorbell and enter a bar that looks more like a museum or an antique shop. There are hundreds of thousands of pieces displayed in showcases that are part of a private collection of small relics that decorate this unique space in the heart of Príncipe Real.

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