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Play “Ricardo III” with Diogo Infante premieres today at Teatro da Trindade

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William Shakespeare’s play “Ricardo III“, starring Diogo Infante and staged by Marco Medeiros, will premiere this Thursday, November 26, at Teatro da Trindade INATEL, in Lisbon.

Written by Shakespeare in the first half of the 1590s, the text is based on the story of Richard III of England and portrays the imminent rise and fall of the last monarch of the York house, who reigned between 1483 and 1485.

Being one of the early works of the 16th-century playwright, “Ricardo III” presents us with a hero who awakens in us, simultaneously, fascination and horror, in a frankly current and full of vitality text about ambition and power games.

Ricardo is going to change the course of history. He, who was not born to be king, fixed his eyes on the crown and longed for it, just as, behind his criminal mind, there was a perverse desire to be loved. Ricardo III, tell us the Machiavellian rise to power, full of lies, manipulation, and violence, of what is considered the most bloody and terrible of the villains!

It’s a production by the Teatro da Trindade, staged by Marco Medeiros and starred by Diogo Infante as Ricardo III, which should have premiered in April but ended up being suspended for six months due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The translation and dramaturgy are by Maria João da Rocha Afonso and the play also has the interpretation of Sílvia Filipe, Diogo Martins, Gabriela Barros, Guilherme Filipe, João Jesus, João Vicente, Romeu Vala, Virgílio Castelo, Brandão de Mello, Constança Carvalho Neto, Inês Loureiro and Joana Antunes. The set design is by F. Ribeiro, the costumes by Dino Alves, the sound design by João Cruz and the light design by Stageplot.

The play “Ricardo III” will be on stage at Sala Carmen Dolores, at Teatro da Trindade, until January 31, with shows from Wednesday to Saturday, at 8:30 pm. Today, the 25th of November, the eve of the premiere, there will be a solidarity rehearsal whose ticket proceeds will go to the Champagnat Foundation – Casa da Criança de Tires.

Casa da Criança in Tires is a Private Institution of Social Solidarity, which promotes and protects the rights of all children, daughters of prisoners, and children victims of any type of abuse, with a view to their physical and psychological recovery, taking care of all conditions for their protection and promotion of their safety, health, training, education, well-being, and development.


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