+Plusbeatz launches “A Tape About… vol. 2”

On March 26th +Plusbeatz launches “A Tape About… vol. 2 ”made during the second confinement, tries to answer the question what is the sound identity of the national hiphop and how its influences are mixed in it.

This work will be available on all reference platforms. +Plusbeatz is the creative vision of Diogo Figueiredo, expressed musically in beats and original productions. As a Producer, he finds fertile ground in vinyl and inspiration for the samples that he then completes with digital and analog instruments in evolving sounds that characterize his identity.

In 2016 he launches his first official work. A beattape entitled FRST PRM which has 6 instrumentals. Shortly afterwards, he performs for the first time live at Vouzela Art Fest. In 2017, he launched the Beattape “Radio Analog”. He starts working as a producer and beatmaker for AdJoint with whom he launches in 2018, the album “Dentro da minha Cabeça”.

In 2018, the Musidanças Festival held at ACERT Tondela closes. that same year he joins the Madkutz Challenge (which consists of launching a beattape per month. All 12 are available on his Youtube channel). In 2019 he released “Advance Notice” and in 2020 “A Tape About… Vol.1”. As a producer he also signed with Santoz3500 the singles “Comigo”, “Puritanas” and “À Parte”.

He regularly releases loose beats and remixes, of which he has remixed Blasph, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Sir Scratch, Kappa Jota etc. In the transition from 2020 to 2021 he releases “I Can Feel You” with Jo Annah. This theme has the clear intention of conquering a more defined and mature sound and reinforcing your position as a producer in the national market.

On March 26, 2021, he released “A tape about… Vol.2” that gathers beats made during the second confinement. He is currently working on the production of Ep, already presented by the single “I can Feel you” in which the female voice takes on the main role.

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