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Plutonio, Ana Moura, Dino d’Santiago and Nenny perform in the Iminente Festival

Between dozens of spectacles, we highlight the performances of national artists such as Plutonio, Pongo, Ana Moura, Dino d’Santiago, Julinho KSD, or Nenny and renowned international artists like Slum Village, The Alchemist or Emir Kusturica & The at Smoking Orchestra.

The poster also includes, among others, Jorge Palma, Pedro Mafama, Toty Sa’Med, Prétu, David Bruno, PAUS, Shaka Lion, Ricardo Toscano, Holly, Fogo Fogo, DJ Ride, Eu.Clides, Cancro, Jon Luz, Batucadeiras Finka Pé e Batida, with the Ikoqwe project.

The list of visual artists invited to this edition includes Pedro Rotre, Obey SKTR, Escif, Nuno Viegas, Raquel Belli and Mariana a Miserável.

In this edition, the ‘Talks’, with the curatorship of the researcher António Brito Guterres, focus his program on the festival values, addressing fundamental issues of contemporary urban culture in an open and plural discussion.

The organization of the Imminent invited 16 authors of several areas, including plastic arts, music, architecture, design, performance and cinema.

Among the invited authors are Tristany, in music, Pedro Pinho and Luísa Man, in the cinema, Herberto Smith, Bruno Mantraste and confers, in the visual arts, and El Warcha – Otelier Social and Community, Hole – Atelier Architecture, Collective E- Assets & Dialogues Association, and collective warehouse, in the area of ​​architecture.

Tickets for the Imminent Festival, co-organized with the Lisbon City Hall, have a cost of 18 euros (daily) and 55 euros (pass) and are on sale from today. The stocking is limited to 2,500 per day.

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