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Bjork’s visual and musical poetry conquers Lisbon

Altice Arena 

The Icelandic singer dazzled a full Altice Arena, with a fantastic production, taken care of in detail, 90 minutes in which we entered the “planet” Bjork, full of color, hope, fantasy, and excellent music.

Bjork, owner of her own style, returned to Portugal 15 years later, to present “Cornucopia which is based on her album “Utopia” but also included songs from her most recent album nominated for a GRAMMY® for Best Alternative Music Album,Fossora”, but which fills the heart and soul, with its music, was welcomed by an Altice Arena, full of fans, knowledgeable about his work, paying attention to every detail.

A show that features fantastic images, projected on different levels, giving a sensation of three dimensions, in fact, stunning, images that take us to a colorful, beautiful and surrealistic planet or a tropical forest full of bioluminescent flowers, plants or animals, The sounds of birds and the forest that have been heard since the audience started entering the room also contribute to this feeling, images created by artists Tobias Gremmler, Andy Huang, Nick Knight and M/M.

If the images were excellent, the entire set design by Chiara Stephenson, wardrobe, choir and musicians which included the Viibra flute septet, but also clarinetists, harpist, percussion, electronics and several personalized instruments, all contributed to her incredible performance, to amaze fans even more, Bjork was the conductor, who with her wonderful voice, took us on this wonderful journey through her music and fantastic world.

The singer challenged the public, with a projected text, to create a better world where the protection of nature in symbiosis with technology can be a reality, challenging everyone to create their world and live in it.

The environment and equality had yet another protagonist, in a recording, Greta Thunberg, once again appealing to everyone, but especially young people, to change reality, the economy, the way of living, changing policies, which are taking us to a point of no return, once again highlighting the ineffectiveness and carelessness of an economic and political class, which continues to think about the profit and well-being of some to the detriment of all others.

After just over 90 minutes of a fantastic show, Bjork said goodbye to the Portuguese public, with many obrigados” (“thanks”) after introducing everyone who accompanied her on stage, but a “rain” of applause, from an audience that refused to leaving their seats, they brought the singer back to the stage, for another song that treated all the fans, an unforgettable concert.

The media were not allowed to collect images, so we left the images from official photographer Santiago Felipe.

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