Polytechnic of Santarém launches innovative course worldwide in Electronic Games and Digital Sports Competitions

Responding to new gaming trends and differentiating its training offer

The Polytechnic Institute of Santarém will launch in September a Higher Professional Technical Course in Electronic Games and Digital Sports Competitions, a training with unique characteristics at a global level at the time of its submission, in March 2023.

The objective is to respond to current trends in gaming, a fast-growing sector also in Portugal.

The initial class will be made up of 20 students who will have the opportunity to specialize over four semesters to become coaches of players and e-sports teams, responsible for organizing gaming and e-sports events, or who want to launch or create their own business in this area.

“With this course, the Santarém Polytechnic Institute positions itself at the forefront of training in Electronic Games and Digital Sports Competitions, offering comprehensive training adapted to the current and future demands of the sector”, explains Pedro Sequeira, course coordinator.

In this way, the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém establishes a position as a pioneering educational establishment, affirming, at the same time, the growing importance and professionalization of the gaming sector, responding to the greater demand for qualified professionals in this area.

About IPSantarém

Created in 1979, IPSantarém is a public polytechnic higher education institution at the service of society, committed to the high-level qualification of citizens, aimed at the production and dissemination of knowledge, creation, transmission and dissemination of knowledge of a professional nature, culture, of science, technology, arts, guided research and experimental development, highlighting the centrality of the student and the surrounding community, within an international reference framework.

IPSantarém maintains a close connection with the community and regional business fabric, intensifying this relationship to provide training adapted to regional needs. It integrates 5 thousand students in five schools: Escola Superior Agrária, Escola Superior de Desporto de Rio Maior, Escola Superior de Educação, Escola Superior de Gestão and Tecnologia and Escola Superior de Saúde.

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