Polytechnic of Setúbal opens 2nd stage of applications for master’s degrees

The Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (IPS) opens today the 2nd stage of applications for master’s courses, offering vacancies in the areas of Health and Education (applications until September 1st) and Business Sciences (until September 13th).

In the field of Health, the offer of vacancies for 2021/2022 focuses on the Master’s Degree in Nursing, in association with the Polytechnic Schools of Health of Beja, Castelo Branco, Portalegre, and the Superior School of Nursing of S. João de Deus (University of Évora), in an edition that will be coordinated by the IPS, through its School of Health (ESS/IPS).

This training offer, with characteristics of a professional master’s degree, intersects with research and community outreach, with the following areas of specialization: Community and Public Health Nursing; Rehabilitation Nursing; Child and Pediatric Health Nursing; Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing; e Medical-surgical Nursing: The person in chronic and palliative situation.

With regard to Education, the Masters in Pre-School Education and in Pre-School Education and Teaching of the 1st Cycle of Basic Education are available.

With a wide offer in the field of Business Sciences, the IPS also opens vacancies for a total of eight master’s courses, with emphasis on Management in Health and Well-Being Hospitality, in partnership with the Estoril School of Hospitality and Tourism (ESHTE ), and Logistics and Supply Chain Management, in partnership with SONAE, both recently launched. Business Sciences, Accounting and Finance, School Management and Administration, Strategic Human Resources Management, Marketing Management, and Information Systems Management are the remaining six courses open to applications.

Aware of the demands of the labor market, which is in deep transformation, and perfectly aligned with the national goal of having increasingly more qualified citizens, IPS has been strengthening and diversifying its offer of postgraduate training over the last few years. Currently, there are more than one thousand students who attend Masters courses at the IPS, a segment in which the employability rate reaches 99%, which makes full employment less effective.

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