Pólo Norte mark 25 years of career in Sintra

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The mythical Sintrense band Pólo Norte celebrates its 25th anniversary on October 29, at 9 pm, at Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval in Sintra.

It was in Sintra that 25 years ago came the first chords of a band that would come to mark the Portuguese music scene, crossing several generations and leaving a legacy of songs that last in time.

The group meets every 5 years to celebrate these first chords, meeting those who have always accompanied them from the first moment.

Because they are natives of the municipality of Sintra and because of the symbology of going on stage in such a special room, this concert will be presented in two different formats: a more acoustic one focusing on the essence of the songs and their stories, and a similar one more “live” to the road concert that will travel across the country from north to south.

Pólo Norte are a very popular band in Portugal and have a long history of successes and many shows, they bring together many stories of road and songs, allowing the public to (re)live some of the songs that are part of everyone’s life and which are already musical heritage of the collective imagination of the Portuguese.

Tickets for sale on Ticketline. More info here.

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