Bridge…on the waves! delivers the prizes of the V Edition of the “Images of Heritage” Contest

Students from the municipalities of Barcelos and Póvoa de Varzim, in Portugal, and from Teo, Salceda de Caselas, Gondomar, Santiago de Compostela, Mondoñedo and Salvaterra de Miño, in Galicia, emerged as winners of the contest, which awards its prizes at a didactic event in Valadares (Vigo) on World Heritage Day.

Schools from all over Galicia and the North of Portugal participated in the collection of significant images of the intangible heritage.

The photographs will become part of the virtual archive of the Galician-Portuguese intangible heritage.

The Spanish ambassador to UNESCO, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes will visit on November 16th the CEIP 6 of Nadal in Vigo, an educational centre of the Ponte model…on the waves!

The Auditorium of the Centro Veciñal e Cultural de Valadares in Vigo will host this Wednesday, November 16, coinciding with the International Day of Heritage, the award ceremony of the 5th Galician-Portuguese Immaterial Heritage Competition.

It will be an event led by students from the participating schools, who will be on the microphones of the host radio station, Radio Piratona, which has been broadcasting for over thirty years in collaboration with the Community of Montes de Valadares and the Centro Veciñal e Cultural de Valadares. During the act, the award-winning students will read the explanatory texts of the award-winning images on the website

During the same day, the Spanish ambassador to UNESCO, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, will be in Vigo coinciding with World Heritage Day, next Wednesday, November 16, to meet with Ponte…on the waves! and support its inscription as a model of good practices with Intangible Cultural Heritage. Likewise, during this day the ambassador will visit the CEIP 6 of Nadal in Vigo, an educational centre of the Ponte model… on the waves!

The Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría, the Secretary General of Cultural Policies, Anxo Lorenzo, the Director General of Cultural Heritage, Carmen Martínez Insua, and the president of the Pontevedra Delegation, Carmela Silva, are also expected to participate in the act. The event will also be streamed through Ponte…nasondas’ web site!

Memory images
An emigrant on his radio in Argentina, women in the washhouses of Praça de Abastos de Ourense, the boat that took a Portuguese emigrant to Brazil, the king’s ranch in Val de Caselas, a resort in Póvoa de Varzim at the beginning of the century, a family emigrated to France near the Eiffel Tower… These are some of the scenarios that we can see in the winning photographs in the V Photo Contest “The images of heritage” convened during the last school year by the Cultural and Pedagogical Association Ponte…nas ondes!

The jury highlighted the great quality of the images received, as well as the texts that accompanied the photographs with explanatory references. In total, eight images were awarded in the categories of primary and secondary education, out of a total of about five hundred images received in the competition.

The jury was formed by Anxo Cabada, professor and photographer, Xerardo Pereiro, professor and anthropologist, Cristina Sánchez-Carretero, researcher and anthropologist, and Xerardo Feijoo, member of the Cultural and Pedagogical Association Ponte…nas onda! acting as a secretary with voice and without a vote. The juries and the association would like to thank the teaching centres, teachers and students for their participation in this fifth edition of the competition.

Podcast Awards
For the second year running, the contest also included the call for a supplement to create podcasts about the images. A way to participate is where students have the opportunity to ask people about the photographs, family members, neighbourhood, etc. about snapshots and their context.

In this supplement, in the primary education category, the first prize went to a joint podcast that includes eight photos on different elements of the heritage, which was prepared by students from the CEIP of Ramallosa (Teo). On the other hand, in the compulsory secondary education category, the prize went to Cristina Louredo Pérez, from IES Alexandre Bóveda (Vigo), for the podcast that explains an image belonging to her family, a photo of the corn plantation that they estimate the most of a century of history. In this category, an honourable mention was also given to the podcast of a student from IES San Rosendo de Mondoñedo.

Special Jury Prize
The jury unanimously agreed, out of all categories, to give a special mention to CEP Carlos Casares de Alxén, from Salvaterra de Miño, for the excellent work of Collection of Heritage entitled ”Projecto Património no CEP Carlos Casares” which using 58 photographs from different Heritage fields delve into research and knowledge of important aspects of Cultural Heritage.

Value the intangible heritage
It should be remembered that the main objective of the call was to help new generations discover the existence of a rich and varied Common Cultural Heritage.

For this purpose, through this competition, they were asked to look, in the company of their families, for those photos that contained elements of this cultural heritage, in the search for elements and concrete experiences to verify, from the present, the cultural manifestations that, through their symbolism, form part of our collective memory.

Twenty-seven years of work for the heritage
The Cultural and Pedagogical Association Ponte…nas ondas!, has spent more than twenty-five years working on the dissemination of Galician-Portuguese intangible heritage. Coordinated by Galician and Portuguese teachers, students from schools in Galicia and Portugal have participated in competitions for the Collection of Intangible Heritage, Multimedia Days or World Radio Days, among other events and activities organized by the Association.

In December 2022 it will be decided to register Ponte…nas Ondas! in UNESCO as a model of good practices co IPC (Intangible Cultural Heritage) in the UNESCO Good Practices Register. The application was submitted by Portugal and Spain in March 2021, it will be the first application for Portugal and Galicia.

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