Ponte…nas Ondas! with online contest extended until October

The competition is aimed at elementary and high school students and consists of retrieving old photos of their families, digitizing them and writing a text related to the image.

A competition of old photographs to be done with the family and in which the new people can know many aspects of the cultural heritage that is documented in the family photographs. With these images you can access a good part of cultural expressions that have already disappeared or are already unknown to new generations.

Intangible heritage is made up mainly of knowledge, techniques, forms of organization or collective expression along with festive and family events. It is located in the practices of daily life that are carried out by members of society and that have basic nuclei in families. Immaterial culture is one that is experienced by people with disabilities and, as such, has been documented since the beginning of photography.

The images in the family albums contain many of these manifestations and experiences that may be unknown to school students. Younger people need to know their recent past and be able to interpret it. In this work of transmitting and experiencing images, family involvement is necessary to help understand the contexts in which documented cultural expressions were produced.

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