Festival da Canção

“Pontos Finais” is the theme that Rita Rocha will present at the Festival da Canção

The twenty songs competing in the 2024 edition of the Song Festival were announced yesterday. Rita Rocha, chosen from more than 800 candidates through free submission, will play Final Points in the first semi-final, scheduled for February 24th.

The music was entirely written and composed by the author and production was carried out by João André and Feodor Bivol. The harp, where “Pontos Finalis” began to be conceived, is the protagonist in the song, complemented by the strong presence of choirs and synthesizers.

“”Pontos Finalis” was the first song I composed on the harp and it gives me immense pride to be able to present it at something as emblematic as the Festival da Canção. It describes a part of my life that I promised I would never show. Well, I’m not of breaking promises, but the Festival is an exception, right?”
Rita Rocha

Last week, Rita Rocha released the documentary Três Pontinhos, about an album with the same name that she signed in partnership with Pedro Marques, in the middle of an orchestra of 40 musicians. Available on digital platforms, the album began to take shape when the artist was just 14 years old.

In 2021, Rita Rocha released her platinum-selling debut single “Mais ou Menos Isto”. Immediately acclaimed by the public, the following year she performed at MEO Marés Vivas and Festival F, two of the biggest Portuguese festivals.

In 2023, she released the EP A Miúda do 319, which also features the platinum-selling single “Outros Planos”. The short-length songs achieved high airplay on the main national radio stations and featured major guest appearances, including AGIR, Bárbara Tinoco and Carolina Deslandes. The EP was presented live at Cineteatro Cavaleiro and a sold-out Teatro Sá da Bandeira.

This year he also sang the song Into the Void, part of the soundtrack for the acclaimed Portuguese Netflix series, Rabo de Peixe. She was also awarded the Public Choice award at the IPMA Awards, a competition that took place in the USA and which rewards music produced by artists of Portuguese descent.

In addition to participating in the Festival da Canção, Rita Rocha has promised to release her first studio album under her name. 2024 thus promises to highlight the 17-year-old artist’s talent for writing and composition, but also to consolidate her as one of the great pop performers of the new generation.

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