“Por la Felicidade” the hymn to peace and love by Emilio Moret

expressed in music, to the rhythm of the deep feeling of the singer-songwriter

Album and video available May 26th

Emilio Moret, one of the most representative voices of the Cuban musical tradition, was born in Encrucijada, Villa Cllara, on November 25, 1948, and studied at the Conservatorio de Música Ignacio Cervantes in Havana.

Author and composer of more than 80 songs, with a place in the repertoire of some of the main groups in Cuba, Niño Rivera, Conjunto Chapotin, Estrellas de Chocolate, Tanda de Guaracheros, Orquesta Cuba, Septeto Típico de Sones, Septeto Habanero, Septeto Nacional between others.

©Pedro Loureiro

In his indomitable curiosity and love of music, he combines the experience of several decades of singing with the same young and enthusiastic spirit that brought him from Cuba and rocked him between Portugal and Cape Verde. He let himself be conquered by the feeling of fado, the guitar of the early hours of Lisbon, the soul of morna, and the cavaquinho of Mindelo by Cesaria Evora.

Emílio Moret, Fábia Rebordão, and Lucibela give life to the theme created by Sonero. A union is as unlikely as it is certain. Three unique artists, in a theme that brings together three continents, three countries, and three languages.

Emilio Moret e Vitorino > Titanic Sur Mer ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2022.02.19

The guitar, master in these three corners of the world, sharpened Emílio Moret’s creativity. In a passionate impulse, Sonero combined Latin romanticism with the lamentation of fado and the longing for the morna. The result isPOR LA FELICIDAD”, the theme that leaves our emotions on edge.

Fábia Rebordão, one of the reference voices of new fado, sings the first verses of Emílio Moret’s composition with fado enthusiasm.

Lucibela is the new voice of traditional music in Cape Verde. A sublime voice, which carries the taste of the lukewarm to which Emílio surrendered.

Between Cuba, Portugal, and Cape Verde, “POR LA FELICIDAD” is a journey to the best that music gives us – feeling.

Emilio Moret e Vitorino > Titanic Sur Mer ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2022.02.19

But, “POR LA FELICIDAD” gains greater dimension and a vast meaning when the album is titled and celebrates the union of three cultures, which share the strength of love in the struggle for happiness! Recorded between Havana and Lisbon, it has a special meaning for Emilio Moret of being his first record work in his own name.

In “POR LA FELICIDAD” Emilio Moret brings us his essence of Sonero in the timbre that is characteristic of him, traversing the various rhythms of Cuban musical identity.

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