Porsche installs super-fast chargers in the main cities of the Iberian Peninsula

Porsche has been working on the development of these infrastructures for some time, not only for its customers but also so that all users of electric vehicles can enjoy them.

The Porsche City Charging project consists of the installation of super-fast charging poles, with 175 kW of power, in some of the main cities of the Iberian Peninsula. These power plants will be located at strategic points, such as hotels or shopping centers, in order to facilitate their intensive use.

The first point of this Porsche City Charging chain was opened at the end of 2020 in Barcelona, ​​specifically in the L´illa shopping center, located on the central Diagonal avenue, between the Les Corts and Sarriá-San Gervasio neighborhoods, a place of great visitors and convenient access.

With just a few days to go, the Marbella power plant, installed in the heart of Puerto Banús, was put into operation. The new station is located within the private enclosure of the marina and, thanks to the agreement reached between Porsche and the managing body of Porto, customers who wish to use these posts will be able to access that exclusive area for an hour.

In the coming weeks, the following points of the Porsche City Charging network will be ready, namely Madrid, Zaragoza, Valencia, Lisbon and Porto.

At all Porsche City Charging points, direct payment can be made by credit card, thanks to the agreements the company has made to prevent owners from being required to sign up for various applications, depending on who the user or operator is used .

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