Port of Leixões receives investment of 217 million euros until 2023

The Port of Leixões, in Matosinhos, will receive up to 2023 works in an investment of around 217 million euros, of which 147 are public investment, to increase its port competitiveness, announced today the Minister of the Sea.

One of the works is based on the extension of the outer breakwater in 300 meters, with changes in its slope, in deepening of the entrance channel, anteport and rotation basin.

These interventions, which are expected to start in 2020 and be completed by 2022, represent a public investment of EUR 147 million and aim to increase safety and reception capacity for larger vessels, reduce transport costs along the chain logistics and improve the navigability of the bar.

The 300-meter extension on the outer breakwater – which has remained unchanged since 1940 – aims to enhance safety at the entrance of the bar and improve operationality, ensuring safer and easier accessibility in the various meteo-maritime conditions.

At the same time, the dredging of the inlet channel and the rotating basin will be carried out by deepening to -16.85 meters and -15.5 meters of bottom respectively, creating conditions to respond to the increased fleet size of ships, 300 meters long.

This public investment will be the subject of a single contract, although it has been submitted to different applications for Community funds.

However, the improvement of accessibility to the port will make possible another project of the Douro, Leixões and Viana do Castelo Ports Administration (APDL), which will involve the creation of the new terminal at Molhe Sul, in private investment of 70 million euros.

The new terminal will have funds of -14.8 meters, a 360-meter wharf line on a 16-hectare embankment and a handling capacity of 435 thousand TEUS.

This new infrastructure aims to increase installed capacity in order to meet the demands of demand.

At the same time, the APDL will improve the operating conditions of the fishing port, creating a new cold store and ice factory, benefiting the two dock bridges and building a new dock line for fishing vessels.

The totality of the projects is expected to generate a net present economic value of € 180.5 million, savings in freight costs along the logistics chain of € 115 million and positive environmental externalities of € 50 million.

Speaking in a “good news” for the country, the minister of the Sea stressed that Leixões is not an “infrastructure any“, but a “business unit” that projects itself to the world and reaffirms the national leadership in the matter of the sea.

The Port of Leixões is a great indicator of our national economy, it is growing and asserting itself in the export sector,” stressed Ana Paula Vitorino.

Exporting to 184 countries, the Port of Leixões has a direct and indirect link with 7% of Portuguese employment and 18% of employment in the North region and deals with 17% of GDP in the northern region and 6% of GDP in the country.

Leixões is the largest port in Portugal with regard to the movement of/to the hinterland in containerized cargo and is the second largest in the country in terms of the total cargo handled.

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