Porto Ageas Coliseum and National Theater of São Carlos celebrate Easter with Wagner’s “Parsifal”

The Porto Ageas Coliseum and the São Carlos National Theater feature “Parsifal”, the final work of Wagner. This co-production, in a concert version with excerpts from Act I and III, will have two presentations: first in Porto, on April 12, and in Lisbon on April 15, with music from the Portuguese Symphonic Orchestra and voices from the Teatro Coro National of São Carlos.

With a libretto long drawn from the epic poem of the thirteenth century by Wolfram von Eschenbach, the story recounts the demand for the Holy Grail by Parsifal, one of the knights of the mythical King Arthur.

Richard Wagner conceived the opera in April 1857, completing it only 20 years later. Because of its avowedly Christian symbolism, whose epilogue runs on Good Friday, Wagner described “Parsifal” not as an opera, but as a “Sacred-Festive Theatrical Performance” which refers to the approaching Easter season.

The tenor Erin Caves thus returns to Portugal to incarnate Parsifal, after the excellent critics he obtained in “Tristan und Isolde”, in São Carlos. Michael Kraus will give voice to Amfortas, Ante Jerkunica will be Gurnemanz and Sónia Alcobaça will play Kundry. Conducting “Parsifal” will be conductor Graeme Jenkins, who has collaborated with the Royal Opera House.

Not to be missed, the quest for the Holy Grail seen through Wagner’s eyes and sheet music, premiered on a Friday in Lent in Porto.

Porto Ageas Coliseum – April 12, 9 pm

Teatro Nacional de São Carlos – April 15, 21h

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