Porto Association of Cerebral Palsy premieres short film

Named ‘Raiz’, this short film that brings together 14 actors and has an approximate duration of 18 minutes, aims to be a tribute to all mothers.

This is a company that brings together almost two dozen actors with and without disabilities and that usually performs before the public through theater shows and at national and international festivals.

‘Era uma vez… Teatro’ decided to move on to its first short film after being challenged by a “young director” who had been invited by APPC to film a play based on an argument made in the associated quarantine period to the covid-19 pandemic.

The “Raiz” argument arose from the combination of texts and reflections that the actors of ‘Once upon a time … Theater’ were sharing remotely and digitally in the daily meetings promoted by APPC over the Internet, a way to keep in touch and the company’s activities while everyone was closed at home or in institutions.

Filming took place at various locations in the Porto Metropolitan Area between June and September, when some of the tighter contingency measures were being lifted.

Amélia Couto, António Miguel Carvalho, Ariana Sousa, Henrique Tavares, Joaquim Moreira, Jorge Ribeiro, Luís Bamonde, Marta Silva, Mireille Aicha Scheffer, Nate Sam, Patrícia Vitorino, Paulo Cruz, Paulo Fonseca and Rita Oliveira

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