Porto Book Fair kicks off this Friday

The Porto Book Fair starts today and runs until September 22 in the Palacio de Cristal Gardens, with a program dedicated to the philosopher Eduardo Lourenço, whose thoughts guide the various artistic aspects present.

According to Commissioner Nuno Artur Silva, this programming is “a very diverse meeting plan”, read in a presentation text, and it is the thought of Eduardo Lourenço that marks a program that goes from the 500 years of the circumnavigation of Fernão de Magalhães to manifestations of ‘gay’ pride, 21st century poetry, the identity of Europe or globalization.

“Here’s a map to better understand a garden with many forking paths: our time,” he adds.


The official opening takes place on Saturday with a tribute session to Eduardo Lourenço, with Lidia Jorge and Artur Santos Silva in conversation with Charlemagne about the philosopher and essayist, at 6 pm, an hour after being awarded a Tribute Linden in the garden.

The program starts today with the focus on António Jorge Gonçalves, who opens the exhibition “Heroines of Improbable Stories”, at 17h00, two hours after the “Barriga da Baleia” puppet theater, inspired by his work.

The meeting with Brazilian musician Arnaldo Antunes (of the Titans and Tribalists), to talk about Brazil, was one of the highlights of the presentation, scheduled for the 15th, at 19h00, at the Almeida Garrett Municipal Library.

The panel ‘Contemporary Writers in Troubled Times’, on September 8, at 4 pm, at the Almeida Garrett Municipal Library, brings together the writers José Eduardo Agualusa, Rui Zink, Isabela Figueiredo and Karina Sainz Borgo (Venezuela).

Brexit and populism mark a debate on the 21st, with Miguel Poiares Maduro, Bernardo Pires de Lima and Viriato Soromenho Marques, while Boaventura Sousa Santos discusses, on the same day, the phenomenon of globalization, with the last day of the day counting on A conversation between Maria Filomena Molder and Anabela Mota Ribeiro about Eduardo Lourenço, at 19h00.

Hélia Correia talks about Agustina Bessa-Luís on the 12th, while Spaniard Manuel Vilas talks to João Gobern and Nuno Costa Santos the day before.

The program also includes several spoken word moments, one with Dealema’s rapper Maze on the 20th, but also several ‘lessons’, conferences by various authors and researchers on other topics, and a film program.

The five films screened dialogue with “some of the deepest aspects of the identity matrix of Europe”, in a program curated by Guilherme Blanc, from the Porto City Council, and Joana Canas Marques, from the Porto Cineclub.

Paulo José Miranda releases a biography about the filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira, on the 22nd, while Martinho Soares and Ana Paula Arnaut honor Mário Cláudio for his 50 years of career in literature, in addition to the release of ‘The Essentials of Mário Cláudio’.

On the 8th, Miguel Gonçalves Mendes, Pilar del Rio, and Siza Vieira talk about the movie ‘The Labyrinth of Saudade’, directed by Gonçalves Mendes about Eduardo Lourenço, following a concert by Noiserv.

This year, the Palacio de Cristal Gardens and the Almeida Garrett Library are once again receiving an educational program and various shows for children and young people, as well as jazz concerts and a performance designed by Isabel Barros and Vítor Rua.

The programming budget for this edition of the Book Fair is 62 thousand euros, with an investment of 88 thousand euros for infrastructure and 15 thousand euros for children’s entertainment, added the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira.

In all, 87 exhibitors will be present in this edition, divided between bookstores, publishers and institutions.

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