Porto Coliseum Circus with award-winning artists and absolute debut numbers

High flights, triple trapeze, and a tightrope virtuoso. Porto Coliseum Circus is back with award-winning artists and debut numbers

The Colosseum opens its Christmas Circus 2019 to the public on December 13 to show before our eyes what the most fantastic and authentic circus arts have to offer. On the track that all Christmas stands in the center of the room the audience will be able to see eight troupe in action, from countries like Russia, Canada, Tajikistan, Finland, Ukraine and Portugal.

It is precisely from the north of Portugal that the Dynamic Four arrive, a quartet that will show their talent in the Combined Forces and Bankine through the “highest tower in the world”, where friendships are created that not even the heights separate. Frederico Silva, Henrique Piqueiro, Henrique Silva and Miguel Silva are the Dynamic Four, a quartet from one of the most interesting circus projects in Portugal, which joins SALTO International Circus School and ACRO Clube da Maia, a gym that has formed champions. gymnastics capable of winning medals at European Championships, World Championships, World Cups and, for the first time this year, at the Minsk European Games.

Laurence Tremblay-Vu will rise to six meters to hang upside down and dance over the abyss in a mystical quest for balance. Canadian and Vietnamese, Laurence soon realized that she could accumulate circus disciplines as one accumulates nationalities. The curriculum includes a variety of projects, from Cirque du Soleil to the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics, and awards, including Silver Medal this year at the 40th Mondial du Cirque de Demain Festival. A performance that the President of the Coliseum, Eduardo Paz Barroso, attended at the moment and was able to guarantee for the Circus Coliseum Porto.

From Finland comes one of the highlights of this edition of the Circus Coliseum Porto: the fearless Wise Fools, with a rare number of Triple Trapeze. And from far away Tajikistan comes Mukhamadi Sharifzoda, to demonstrate all his strength and balance, which earned him this year the critical prize of the important International Festival of Circ Elefant d’Or. It is precisely this show that will present in Porto, in national premiere.

Another artist of the Porto Coliseum International Circus Company is Kostiantyn Korostylenko, who at just 19 years old combines classic ballet and juggling, providing the audience with a beautiful cross between two seemingly distant arts. A number that earned her this year’s Alexandra Bouglione Prize at the 40th Mondial du Cirque de Demain Festival.

From Braga we get a number in absolute debut, created for the Colosseum by troupe Mala from Suévia Tisch. Their job is to get everything ready so that the ‘real’ artists can perform properly. Between fun events and humorous conflicts, they will bring clutter to their own intent of order, play with what they work for, and work with what they play. This is the premise of this special “Colosseum technical team”, better known as Staffimbancos.

The idol of all children comes from Ukraine and is called clown Konstantin. With four different numbers to display, he will invite audiences to interact at various times, whether to participate in his musical band or to target shooting.

The Daring Guys will show you how to make somersaults in balance on a Russian bar and the Colosseum will show that circus art is more alive than ever, with a company of artists that makes it the best circus show in the country.

Another Festival where surprising numbers appear is the International Festival of Circ Elefant d’Or in Girona, from which artists were also selected. But not only. “The great experience of the current Russian Circus has a strong presence in this Company, following the major international trends in this area,” explains Eduardo Paz Barroso. “And because the Circus in Portugal has great values, sometimes better known abroad than within borders, this year the Colosseum calls upon itself the responsibility of demonstrating it, with the Dynamic Four and a number created especially for the Colosseum by troupe. Swede Suitcase Tisch. ”

The Circus Coliseum Porto debuts on December 13 at 9 pm and shows the public of all ages the real and fantastic until January 1, 2019. In all there are 13 sessions open to the public, including one session on the day. December 25, at 5 pm, and another on New Year’s Day, also at 5 pm. There are also about 30 private sessions for schools and businesses that choose to have their Christmas parties at the Colosseum Circus.

Tickets cost between 8 € and 18 €. Children up to 12 years old have 50% discount.

Dates and times of sessions open to the public:

Friday, December 13th – 9 pm | DEBUT
Saturday, December 14th – 9:00 pm
Sunday, December 15th – 5:30 pm
Thursday, December 19th – 3:00 pm
Friday, December 20th – 3 pm
Sunday, December 22th – 5:30 pm
CHRISTMAS, December 25th – 5 pm
Thursday, December 26th – 3:00 pm
Friday, December 27th – 3:00 pm
Saturday, December 28th – 5:30 pm and 9:00 pm
Sunday, December 29th – 5:30 pm
NEW YEAR, JANUARY 1st – 5 pm

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