Porto Covo – Points of interest

Samouqueira Beach

Whoever argues that the closest we have to the colors of a tropic sea in Portugal are the beaches of Arrábida is because it never peeked, even from the top of the cliff, to Praia da Samoqueira.

The water has a greenish tint, there are several coves divided by rock formations and the beach when one goes to the south, seems to have no end. It only lacks the temperature of the tropics in the water, but this at least refresh.

Beach of the Serro da Águia

It was a very funny beach, had no bathroom had nothing. Everyone could get in there because there are steps and you do not have to rally. Do not applaud these rhymes, but rather this small shell-shaped beach, well sheltered from the wind and highly unstable.

Praia da Foz

It was, in days gone by, when most of the beaches of the Alentejo coast were wild, a well-kept secret, also having a large rock in the middle sheltering from the wind.

Today it is denounced by the cars stopped at the beginning of the dirt road – it is not necessary to venture further ahead, under risk of stalling -, of the several people who found in Praia da Foz a place of rest.


Zé Inácio

It is a landmark of the parish, sought after by those who want to eat really fresh fish. It arrives fresh every day and goes directly to the grill, where it is treated by those who realize the pruning, the short distance of the meat, especially the black pork.

The food fanatics of tacho will find here masses and cataplanas.

Tasca do Xico

Only those who enter this restaurant and lurk to the bottom of the room can discover the one that is the best seat of Porto Covo. A balcony facing the idyllic harbor that gives its name to the land.

It is also here that is installed the grill where fresh fish, cod loins and varied meats. Try fried shrimps, fried cuttlefish or Alentejo meat with fried potatoes.

The island

The various sheets glued to the glass announce things that salivate any Portuguese: octopus salad, salad of shells, barnacles, snails, clams … you can see the style, right? Then there is the incredible esplanade, overlooking the Island Beach and Pessegueiro Island in the background and a full wine cellar, to water well the end of day snack.


Pessegueiro Island

Joaquim Matias is the sailor and fisherman responsible for bringing visitors to Pessegueiro Island every day, a piece of land in the ocean that he knows as the palm of his hand.

He followed the archaeological survey there made in the ’80s and loves to debunk the various phases of life of the island over the centuries – and in none, there is a peach tree.

Herdade do Pessegueiro

It is a farm linked to equestrian tourism where you can go horseback riding and do a scene at la Bo Derek – the inspiration is obvious, but so far the cinema has not presented us with anything like it.

From horse baptisms, horseback riding to the beach or programs that mix the bath, feeding and brushing of animals. Even good for those days when the sky wakes up cloudy.

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