Porto de Mós village will receive 500 concertina players

More than 500 concertina players are expected on September 28th at the 18th edition of Encontro da Barrenta, a small village located in the heart of the Serra de Aire, in the municipality of Porto de Mós, Leiria district.

From all over the country, but especially from the north, the players “wander” to this celebration of traditional and popular culture, totally transforming the village where only 39 inhabitants live.

The promotion poster for the Barrenta Players Meeting points to 400, reflecting below the expectations of the organizers. Many more will pass both stages.

This year many thousands of visitors and more than half a thousand musicians are expected, as well as the singers to the challenge, who surprise in the streets. To help, there are 100 volunteers mobilized.

Success is not restricted to fame and party day. Three years after the launch of the Barrenta Players Meeting, a school was born.

Aside from rehearsals and classes, there is a weekly movement in the village that did not exist before.

Like many villages in the country, Barrenta “was completely forgotten.”

Today, the village has six children under the age of ten, which was not so long ago. “It’s a small village, but it has conditions and is close to everything.” And once a year earns a special life. In 2019 is September 28th.

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