Porto among the 10 best destinations in the world for women traveling alone

Condé Nast Traveler recently released the top ten most interesting, safe, and inviting cities for women traveling alone. Porto ranks second on the list and is the only Portuguese city represented.

The renowned travel publication says that the city of Porto “seduces individual visitors”, mainly thanks to the “charisma of the local population”. In fact, he stresses that this characteristic differentiates the city of Porto “from other Mediterranean cities of similar size and commercial influence”.

The journalist Anna Hart presents the list based on her personal experience, as a traveling woman who sets out to discover new places alone, and from that repository of memories she concludes that, in fact, some destinations stand out for the “hospitality” that they guarantee to this kind of tourists.

About Porto, she says that “lonely travelers, with the right attitude, will quickly feel welcome in any terrace, port wine cellar or street market”. A subtle touch to say that “love with love pays for itself“.

The “charms” of Porto – “of the dramatic Douro river, the inviting guesthouses or the narrow streets of the historic center” – are immediately highlighted to begin the description of the runner-up in the ranking, which, for these travelers, may come wrapped by an additional advantage. The fact that the city is a haven for “digital nomads” means that women who travel alone do not feel in any way “a rarity“.

First on the list comes Ibiza, in Spain. The silver medal is awarded to Porto and the bronze medal goes to Luang Prabang, in Laos. Osaka, in Japan, Palm Springs, in California, Perth, in Australia, and Bavaria, in Germany, make up the next places in the top, which is completed by Dominica, in the Caribbean, West Cork, in Ireland, and Singapore, in Asia

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