Porto Femme, film festival dedicated to women, returns to Invicta

The 2nd edition of Porto Femme – International Film Festival starts today in Oporto with music, exhibitions, workshops, and films, “where the woman is the centerpiece,” the organization announced.

The XX Element Project – Cultural Association promotes, in four spaces of the city Invicta, until Saturday, June 22, “artistic works done by women”, and it shows “the rights of women and gender equality” the organization’s website.

A total of 116 films produced in European, American, Asian and African countries will be presented in theaters of Cinema Trindade, the hotel Selina Porto, and the cultural space Maus Hábitos.

Porto Femme has 16 films in national competition, from directors such as Catarina Mourão, Catarina Neves Ricci, Cristéle Alves Meira, Leonor Noivo, Joana Toste and Margarida Madeira, and 53 in international competition, including feature films, short films and documentaries experimental filmmakers such as Clara Santaolaya from Spain, Stephanie Cabdevila from France, Cecilia Albertini and Erica Scoggins from the USA, Delphine Le Courtois from Canada and Rafaela Salomão from Brazil.

Among the films on display is “Tio Tomás, the accounting of days”, by Regina Pessoa, distinguished last Sunday with the Jury Prize, at the festival of Annecy, France, the main event dedicated to animation cinema.

In this edition, the Student competition opens, which “gives space to 29 films to be shown and discussed, opening potential doors for the new filmmakers across the country,” evaluated and awarded by a jury.

The “XX Element” competition, featuring 18 films, features works by “male directors with teams composed of female leading actresses or occupying important technical positions,” the organization explains.

The workshops “Realization in the Cinema”, by the director Raquel Freire, and “The Chamber and the Actor”, by the filmmaker Inês Oliveira, and the collective exhibition “The Pleasure is all My”, by the illustrators Clara Não and Cara Trancada compose the activities of this edition.

Performances by the musical groups Pedaço Mau and Palmers, at Barracuda – Club de Roque, animate the opening and closing sessions of Porto Femme.

On the last day, filmmaker Monique Rutler, director of “Velhos São os Trapos”, will be honored with the Woman-Filmmaker Award, for being considered “one of the most important directors of the post-25th of April”, the statement said.

The 1st edition of Porto Femme, which ran from May 30 to June 3, 2018, received “393 films from 42 countries”, according to the organization, and awarded 21 cinematographic works.

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