Porto Femme brings female cinema to Porto

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From September 30th to October 5th, the city hosts film screenings, exhibitions, workshops, conversations, tributes and even a Queer Cinema show, all done for women. The fourth edition of ‘Porto Femme‘ includes Cinema Trindade, Maus Hábitos, Zero Lodge Boz and the Rectory of the University of Porto.

It is through cinema that the organization of the international festival intends to “educate and inform the public about social and political issues that affect women in the world”. “The intention is to give a plural voice to feminisms with an intersectional look at them, seeking to encompass the various groups and struggles”, shares the XX Element Project – Associação Cultural.

Over the course of a week, 135 films will be in competition, made by women from 25 countries. “Cinema and the arts are our weapon in the fight for a fairer and more egalitarian world”, says the festival organizer, which assumes the mission of “reserving the screen for the work developed by women in the seventh art” in addition to “presenting different perspectives on different themes”. “Cinema has the ability to touch people and effectively make them reflect on these issues”, the organization says.

The focus of this issue will be on social and political issues that affect women and on reflection on gender diversity. In this sense, the Rectory of the University of Porto hosts two meetings: today, October 1st, researchers Ana Lúcia and Alfredo Taunay talk about Queer Cinema, while on the 4th the films “Poliphony – Women in Technique”, “Shibuya” are screened. ” and “Framed”, under the motto #Metoo: (In)visibility and violence in cinema.

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