Porto leave defeated by Monaco in the presentation game

Gelson Martins’ solitary Monaco, on 23 minutes, was the winner of the Dragão in the presentation game to the partners of FC Porto.

The very wasteful Dragons have missed countless opportunities to score in the fan presentation game.

Sérgio Conceição launched in the game the two reinforcements, Marcano and Luís Diaz and also from the house, Romário Baró. Porto came in with high blood pressure, and the two wing midfielders, Baró and Luís Diaz playing in indoor terrain. With the width to be given by the defenders Alex Telles and Manafá, but FC Porto managed to reach the goal of Monaco with discretion.

There was no more connection between midfield and attack, but it was Porto who started better, aggressive, with attitude, they outperformed at first.

But Monaco came to play, and in a loss of Pepe’s ball, Gelson Martins appeared isolated and with the opportunity to make the first goal, the Portuguese did not waste and beat Vaná in the 23rd minute.

Soon after Golovin could have scored again but Vaná was alert. FC Porto did not give up, Luís Diaz and Romário Baró were showing and had some interesting details, but it was almost always Alex Telles’s crosses to do more damage to Monoco’s goal. But the finishing hit was never the best.

In the second half, there was little difference, Monaco continued with more ball and only a shot from Romário Baró was the best that Porto got in the first minutes. Sérgio Conceição then launched Bruno Costa, Otávio, Zé Luís and Nakajima.

Corona then suffered a foul in the Monac’s penalty area, but Alex Telles missed it, allowing Lecomte’s defence.

Then came Fábio Silva and Saravia, coincidence or not, FC Porto ‘woke up’, went to Monaco and just did not score because Otávio missed the target crossing Saravia.

In the last minutes, Porto played more with the heart than with the head and the goal was not unfortunate for the fans. Porto still had a goal by Fábio Silva, but the game would end with Monaco winning by a zero ball.

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