Porto Marathon returns in 2021

The Olympic distance will again be covered in arteries in the municipalities of Porto, Vila Nova de Gaia and Matosinhos on November 7, 2021, following the outcome of other events managed by the northern company, such as the Women’s Race, which came to pass from 17 from May to October 11, before being rescheduled to May 16 next year.

Due to the state of calamity, Runporto had already rescheduled on May 11 all competitions that were scheduled until the end of September, such as the Porto half marathons (from September 20, 2020 to September 19, 2021), Braga ( from 6 September to 9 May 2021) and Matosinhos (from 26 July to 20 May 2021).

The restrictions imposed by the covid-19 pandemic will lead Runporto to transform the traditional configuration of the São João Race (June 20th and 21st) and the Father’s Race (July 5th) into a digital format, in which the distances must be traveled individually and anywhere, respecting the measures of social distance.

This trend was released on May 30 and 31, when the unprecedented Virtual Solidary Marathon promoted the practice of physical exercise in the midst of a lack of definition and awarded all athletes with a medal and a diploma of participation, reverting the registration fee to the Portuguese Red Cross in the fight against covid-19.

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