Porto / Post / Doc starts today with 14 films in competition and retrospective

The fifth edition of the Porto / Post / Doc festival starts today in Porto, with 14 films in competition, a retrospective on António Reis and Margarida Cordeiro, sections dedicated to Chris Petit and Matías Piñeiro until December 2.

Among the official section are two Portuguese documentaries, “Sobre tudo e sobre nada”, directed by Dídio Pestana and that went through the Locarno festival, and “Hálito Azul” by Rodrigo Areias, presented in a world premiere and in the ‘run’ for a prize of three thousand euros.

Dedicated this year to the theme “Ficções do Real”, the event unfolds in various spaces of the city, in particular in the Municipal Theater Rivoli, but also the Cinema Passos Manuel, the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, the Planetarium, the Catholic University, Bad Habits and Cinema Trindade.

During the presentation, the director of the festival, Dario Oliveira, chose the international competition as “the highlight of the festival” in a space where “the latest films will be presented and represents a huge challenge for the public.”

Alongside the competition, the Portuguese presence of almost fifty films among the various competitions, the focus of the author, films made in a school environment in the competition Cinema Novo and in the shows of the various schools were other highlights made by Dario Oliveira.

In all, there are 130 films screened over nine days, revealing “more of the world,” from Russia to Peru and Donbass in Ukraine, addressing social, political and gender identity issues, among other issues.

The Festival’s “Em Foco” will focus on the work of Chris Petit and Matías Piñeiro, from very different generations, since the British began in 1979 with “Radio On”, a road movie with soundtrack of musicians like David Bowie and Kraftwerk, while the Argentine is 36 years and has been dedicated to adapt Shakespeare to cinema.

After the projection of “Negative Space”, an “experimental film that reflects on how we see and remember the images,” Petit will talk to British critic and researcher Laura Mulvey, who will guide a film workshop during the stay in Porto.

Piñeiro will also be in Porto, to accompany the exhibition of five works, among them “Viola”, “In The Museum” or “La Princesa de Francia”, the latter in competition for best film at the Locarno Festival.

The Argentinean also chose a film to be screened under the ‘carte blanche’ program of the event, in the case of “Il Monte delle Formiche”, a documentary by the Italian Riccardo Palladino, which will premiere in Portugal after having won the prize for Best Emerging Director in Locarno.

The pair, António Reis and Margarida Cordeiro, is the subject of a retrospective, with a program of talks on the margins of sessions and an exhibition, “Como o sol / Como o noite”, in Fine Arts.

“Jaime” (1974), “Ana” (1985) and “Rosa de Areia” (1989), in addition to the projection of a restored and digitized version of Trás-os-Montes “(1976), a” Portuguese cinema “.

For its part, the seminar Forum of the Royal, a parallel program of debates and conferences on a documentary film, will feature a panel entitled “Rever Reis e Cordeiro”, with guests yet to be announced.

In the ‘Transmission’ cycle, dedicated to music, the highlight goes to the exhibition of “I Still Have a Dream or Two – The History of Pop Dell’Arte”, by Nuno Galopim and Nuno Duarte, but there is also room for “Escola do Rock “by Amadeu Pena da Silva, or a concert by Valentina Magaletti and João Pais Filipe on the 30th, between projections, live performances and a closing party.

The event also counts on several parallel programs, such as the ‘Planetary Sessions’, with projections of films where ‘they usually see stars’ in the Planetarium, the fourth Professional Meeting of Luso-Galician Co-Production, for the first time in Portugal, or competition for higher education film schools.

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