Porto receives a course of Yoga teacher of Jean-Pierre de Oliveira

Jean-Pierre de Oliveira, founder of Yoga-Spirit heads north to give his first Functional Hatha Yoga Course in Porto.

After several requests from the city invites, the Yoga consultant offers the Portuguese with an annual course, which begins on January 5, aimed at those who want to have a deep learning in the matter and embrace a career linked to Yoga, more and more in vogue in Portugal.

Among the general objectives of this course, whose 11th edition will be held at the Pousada de Juventude do Porto, is to know the world of yoga in their languages and ideologies, to master techniques and methodologies to practice and teach in a safe and responsible manner, as well as to learn the essential knowledge to pursue the study of yoga and teach.

“The Yoga that I propose is a functional Yoga.

More than a reproduction of the perfect posture, I try that the student finds the possibility of expressing his own creativity.

All people are different, all bodies are different: asymmetrical, with more or less flexibility, more or less sensitivity.

No two bodies are alike, there are no two ways of feeling identical. There can not be two equal representations of the same posture.

Your yoga practice should not make you something that you are not, but rather stimulate it to become the best possible version of yourself. In Yoga, we learn to be sincere and dedicated, first with ourselves, and with time, with others. “

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