Portucalense and 4 international universities announce Fenice project

Universidade Portucalense (UPT) and four other European universities launched the Erasmus+ Project, called FENICE (Fostering Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Cultural and Creative Industries through Interdisciplinary Education), which seeks to foster entrepreneurship and Innovation in Cultural and Creative Industries (ICC) through Interdisciplinary Education.

The concept of CCI brings together a set of activities that have in common the use of creativity, cultural knowledge, and intellectual property as resources to produce goods and services with social and cultural significance in sectors such as arts, cultural heritage, handicrafts and jewelery, cinema, photography, radio, television, music, publishing, entertainment, computers, architecture and design, new media, fashion and advertising.

CCIs are recognized for their ability to quickly and successfully incorporate new knowledge, innovative processes, models and technologies.

“CCIs are the bastion of an inclusive knowledge-based society, thrive on local resources, and generate value for communities through job creation at regional and local level. But CCIs have been among the sectors most affected by the pandemic and their recovery and viability requires coordinated actions among all stakeholders”, explains the consortium.

To stimulate the quality and relevance of business and artistic training for CCIs, the points that are being worked on are:

  • Research and exchange of best practices in management and entrepreneurship in CCIs, with a view to adapting training to the skills, innovation and sustainability needs of the cultural and creative economy;
  • Cross-fertilization between business/economic studies, arts, heritage, information technologies and media, with a view to developing innovative curricular programs on these themes;
  • Development of a university-business partnership model to promote incubation, business creation and entrepreneurship in CCIs in local communities.

The institutions that are part of the consortium are: Varna University of Management, Varna, Bulgaria; the Greek Academic Network, Athens, Greece; the Universitatea Nationala De Arte of Buchares, Romania; the Univerzitet U Novom Sadu, from Novi Sadu, Serbia; and Universidade Portucalense, the only Portuguese institution in the project.

The FENICE project is already underway and is scheduled to end in October 2022.

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