Portucalense restores 9 paintings from Santa Casa da Misericordia in Amarante

The Conservation and Restoration Clinic of Universidade Portucalense restored 9 paintings from the portrait gallery of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Amarante, where they will now be on display.

The portraits of the most recent project are by benefactors of the 19th and 20th centuries, of renowned painters, such as Francisco José Resende (1805-1893), painter of romantic Porto, father of Clara de Resende, German Iglesias (1884-1955) and Lima and Mattos, painters with numerous works carried out in the north of Portugal, particularly in the districts of Porto and Braga.

In these works, the Conservation and Restoration Clinic carried out an intervention of cleaning, consolidation and reintegration in the painting and filling in gaps and reconstitution of decorative elements in the frames, getting to know a little better the traces of the painters, the pigments, and the paints used.

Of the painters not so recognized in their time, UPT will seek to know more about them, namely who they were, where they left their works and what they convey their traits.

The University will also study – through its masters in Conservation and Restoration – the benefactors, in order to identify their names and understand the personal and social connections to Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Amarante.

The UPT, which teaches a Master’s Degree in Conservation and Restoration, highlights, among other areas of intervention, the importance in this project of Advisory and Consultancy in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage.

“The University clinic has had more and more students and has as its main objectives the development of the practice of providing services, the maturation of research activities, and the promotion of higher education in order to dignify the profession of conservator-restorer”, Says Nuno Farinhote, Conservation and Restoration technician at the Clinic.

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