Portucalense webinar debates country security

Corruption, laws and the fight for transparency will be the central themes of the Webinar “I forget the key in the door and no one enters?”, Which the Universidade Portucalense promotes on October 30th, at 11 am.

The invited speaker is Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues, Mayor of Vila Nova de Gaia. The webinar is part of the Seminar Series “Caminhos da Ética” and registrations can be made here.

“Transparency is not a characteristic of Nordic countries, it is a characteristic of countries that write little and well! They write good laws and write better jurisprudence. But they write little, because who knows what he says or what he wants to say, he does it clearly and objectively. The phenomenon of corruption is not due to any Portuguese congenital problem, but is the product of bad people or bad laws or both. Yes, both. Bad laws draw corruption. Bad people materialize it. We will speak of the dichotomy between the public and the private, in a logic that is not at all dichotomous! The fight for transparency cannot be a matter of politics, but a desire of the country. Stigmatizing is also corrupting”, defends Eduardo Vítor Rodrigues.

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