Portugal believed until the end and beat Spain

European Roller Hockey Championship

In a team of heroes, it was Rafa who scored the winning goal with 13 seconds to go, the final result was 10-9, in a game in which Portugal started to win and then Spain moved forward and the Portuguese team always had to always go after the Spaniards.

Portugal and Spain faced each other to secure a place in the final of the European Roller Hockey Championship, if Portugal scored first at the Pavilhão Multiusos de Paredes, Spain would turn the game around, ending the first half with a 4-4 draw with goals from João Rodrigues, Gonçalo Alves, Rafa and Hélder Nunes for Portugal and Pau Bargalló with two goals, Ignacio Alabart and Xavi Barroso, for the Spaniards.

Second half Portugal always trailed the Spaniards with Sergi Panadero, Xavi Barroso twice, Pau Bargalló again twice, scoring for Spain, but that wouldn’t be the whole story of the game.

Gonçalo Alves with three goals, Hélder Nunes and João Rodrigues with one each, would put the game in a tie again, and with 13 seconds to play, Rafa stopped the tenth for Portugal, giving the victory to the Portuguese team, which always believed even when everything already seemed lost.

Portugal has seven points, as many as Spain, and three less than France, in a competition where the first two play in the final, next Saturday.

Portugal plays today with Andorra, at 21:45, Spain, today also plays with France.

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