Portugal Alive leads Surma, Capicua, Best Youth and Bruno Pernadas to Spain

The fifth edition of the Portugal Alive festival takes place from 21 to 22 September and takes to Madrid and Barcelona Capicua, Best Youth, Bruno Pernadas and Surma, to show the Spanish public the music that is made by Portugal.

The festival aims to “promote the contemporary Portuguese culture with the Spanish public and also the approach to the Portuguese community resident in Spain,” says the organization.

With free admission, the concerts take place on September 21 at the Palacio de La Prensa in Madrid, where Best Youth, Bruno Pernadas and Surma perform, and on September 22 at Plaça Joan Coromines, where Portuguese rapper Capicua joins Bruno Pernadas and Surma, who also work in the capital of Spain.

In Barcelona, ??Capicua, Bruno Pernadas and Surma will play in the ambit of the Barcelona Açcio Musical festival (BAM), taken by Portugal Alive.

In a year in which Lisboa is the invited city of Barcelona Áccio Musical, these artists join three other Portuguese names (Pongo, Real Combo Lisbonense and Throes + The Shine), which are part of the BAM program at the invitation of the Catalan festival, explains the organization.

In the press release, the organization emphasizes the “emotive and politically engaged” writing by Capicua, the sound of Bruno Pernadas that mixes styles like ‘west coast’ jazz, exotic or krautrock, the ‘journey’ that Surma enceta between diverse genres and the “perfect symbiosis” of the duo Best Youth.

Portugal Alive takes place since 2014, having already brought to Spain names like Dead Combo, Da Chick, Gala Drop or Sensible Soccers, always performing in Madrid and Barcelona.

The festival is an initiative of the Consulate General of Portugal in Spain and is supported by Cultura Portugal, an annual exhibition of Portuguese culture in Spain organized by the embassy in Madrid and the Camões Institute.

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